It looks like there was a good amount of traffic on the site causing it to go down!

We are now back up - shouldn’t happen again.

Sorry for the disturbance!


thanks so much i was trying to go on for 3 minutes and finally got it thanks


WOOT! I got the last Black Splash C13! Thanks for fixing the site. We all appreciate it.


Ah no need to be sorry, André. Just thanks for getting it back up.

(SR) #5

Hmm… never happened to me. I was out for awhile though.


So there realy isn’t a reson to post here.

(Jamesofyoyo) #7

I was wondering what happened when I tried to go on this website. I thought my computer was whacked! lol! :smiley:

(Mikey) #8

It’s okay Andre.

(Jei Cheetah) #9


YYE’s first server crash?

This is good!
it means YYE is getting more popular!

Clap clap clap*


(Mark) #10

I agree! Yay!!!


Haha, the servers crashed before as well.


In the chat only right?