It looks like there was a good amount of traffic on the site causing it to go down!

We are now back up - shouldn’t happen again.

Sorry for the disturbance!

thanks so much i was trying to go on for 3 minutes and finally got it thanks

WOOT! I got the last Black Splash C13! Thanks for fixing the site. We all appreciate it.

Ah no need to be sorry, André. Just thanks for getting it back up.

Hmm… never happened to me. I was out for awhile though.

So there realy isn’t a reson to post here.

I was wondering what happened when I tried to go on this website. I thought my computer was whacked! lol! :smiley:

It’s okay Andre.


YYE’s first server crash?

This is good!
it means YYE is getting more popular!

Clap clap clap*


I agree! Yay!!!

Haha, the servers crashed before as well.

In the chat only right?