Black friday?


So i was on yoyoexpert since midnight and they still havent started their black friday sale. I thought maybe they just didnt post or present it, so i added something to my cart and its still the same price. Does anybody know anything about this?


They’re probably too busy with the server crashing.


Do you have any idea when its going to be back up?


Not really. If you keep trying at a page you can eventually get it, but they haven’t put any sales up yet so there isn’t much of a point.


I think the server is starting to get better.


They will probably post it soon after the last Mystery Bag has sold. If the sale is a “your whole order” kind of thing, they don’t want to extend that discount to the Mystery items. They made a fair assumption that between 11 and midnight, the Mystery items would be gone.

Servers crashed, that didn’t happen. But they’re moving along now, so the Bags shouldn’t be around for much longer.


Everything isnsold out now and they still havent announced anything. Any ideas?