NO! I worked so hard on that!

Ok so this isn’t really as dramatic as I entitled it, but it’s a bummer. So yye was acting all weird and giving me a bunch of errors. Well when I had the chance I opened my 50 Dash. Posted it. everything was fine. posted some more. Then I get another error. So I get off for a while working on a picture. When I get back 'The 50 Dash" is gone. So is another post I made. Just saying this to raise a flag to yye just in case it’s something they need to look at about thier web site. Or they were deleted, but that seems unlikely.

*EDIT: I also wanted to ask if I needed to make a new thread for it. Don’t want the old to come to back and have two of them :smiley:

Forum had to be reverted to 1am today, due to database issues. Your posts are gone forever, so make sure to make them again.

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Alot of my important Personal Messages and my posts disappeared as well.

In my email I got a lot of notifications about personal messages and stuff, but now they aren’t in my inbox. :-\

Some were probably from me :-\

My painting and polishing thread is GONE

yeah, it’s pretty poopy. But also unavoidable. And at least it’s not a regular thing. Also the “shouldn’t be allowed” thread went back to “shouldn’t be aloud” :smiley: I think that’s funny