DarthVaughn had to exit stage left...

So for a week or so, didnt count the days, i was unable to yo-yo or do much of anything that involved my right hand, AKA my throw hand :’(. so for a whole week i was unable to yo-yo, play games, ride my dirt bike, shoot me gun, even use a mouse properly… it was crappy… i was extremely bored and felt useless; i even had to resort to reading, FOR PLEASURE… but now im all healed, for the most part, and ready to get practicing and giving out my little known advice. Also, just a heads up, DONT PLAY WITH FIRE!!! YOUR PARENTS WARN YOU OF THIS FOR A REASON!!!


good advice



What are you talking about? Fire is to go. :wink:

JK. You should never play with fire.

Yeah, fire can be dangerous. What did you do?

dont play with fire so you dont burn your hand off then you cant yoyo