Darn Cheap String


It just doesn’t hold up…


I’m gonna go a little off topic here…

I don’t know how people throw such dark color strings. If I ever pick up someone’s yoyo and they have a dark colored string on it, I very quickly become frustrated while playing with it. You can’t see dark strings! it’s infuriating. I have to use a white or a neon colored string.

But you know, if you’re looking for some strings that won’t break…


That happened to me on 2 dragons strings out of my 10 pack granted it was only 1 or 2 threads that broke but it just got me mad… grrrr

(DOGS) #4

What string is that?

Also, Hitman!


It’s okay, you can always replace it! :smiley:
Maaan, the Hitman. I like!


It’s blue slick 8. I like the color better than the yellow slick 6. I also like that it holds up fairly well. that string was on there for a good long time, sort of a lab experiment. I got lucky after ignoring the initial snap, crackle, pop of the individual strands going.

The HM is one of my all time favorites. That one is dual sili’d, w/red YYJ spacers.


Jake Elliot has some durable stuff, you could try that.


Actually the slick 8 is pretty durable stuff. That string was way beyond its useful life.

(That was posted somewhat tongue in cheek…)


haha, I’ve done that before. :slight_smile: I’ve never used slick 6, is it good?


I use slick 6 once in awhile. It plays fine as far as I’m concerned, but I like the slick 8 because it’s a bit thicker. The slick 6 seems to cut into my finger more.


I’m so sad they don’t make the Hitman anymore… I need a new one.

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YYE has one in stock I believe…


Thanks! Unfortunately its yellow… I’ll probably shoot Andre an email when I get paid and pick up strings and see what can be done about that, :).

Really is a shame they don’t make those anymore, there was a significant period of time I played nothing but FHZ and Hitman, and I’m sure there are a lot of people around like that. Its a classic!


U need some Kevlar string