slick 6 string review

Here’s a review of slick 6 strings that I got off ebay for 5 bucks. Its was a good price so i figured why not.

Right out of the package:
Right out, i noticed that the neon green color was absolutely stunning and it looks awesome with a blue or red color yoyo, but they really did look really thick.

These strings were thick! and also came really long, and with a little tiny finger hole at the end not even big enough for my pinky. when i just tried to do brain twister too, they burned like really bad. and i even had to loosen the gap to fit the string in.

Final thoughts:
The string looks really nice but is really thick and gives string burn and blue finger really easy

made by fatjoe298

mrcnja edit: Can we please avoid using obnoxious colors and moving text?

ok for the first thing concerning the loop to small at the end your supposed to make a slip knot with that part not just stick it on your finger (i might have read it wrong as to how you put it on). you could have added more detail. also the color thing is nice but try to use darker colors cause the brightes are kinda hard to read. otherwise pretty good first review.

yeah with the finger thing, they just made like a really small loop on the end with a knot that was really hard to untie. and thx for the critism

you cut off the part of the string you dont need and retie it.

I cant read the colors.

Nice review but a little hard to read and a lack of detail

:o I hope you’re kidding! The “small loop” you’re referring to is intended for you to create a slip not. The loop included is not a slip not. You don’t put your finger in the loop provided. You pull string through the permanent loop, and stick your finger in the loop created.

This is the funniest review on this entire website.

and why is it funny? i din’t know about that slipknot before so i’m sorry if i made my self sound like a noob. and this was a made a month ago anyway why did you start commenting on it now?

It’s fine. It’s cute. Im glad you’re doing okay now.

what does that mean its cute? this was a serious review in my first week of yoyoing and i would appreciate if you didn’t make fun of it >:(

Chill out.