Dark Magic Vs. New Breed Vs. Atmosphere

You can send me a message if you think You have a better yo-yo for my skill level. I can do a bind stuff. I am currently in the advanced section of the “Learn” link at yoyoexpert. I was Previously using the YYF Die-Nasty. Thanks!!!

I would reccomend a ProtoStar when they come out, they are amazing throws.

But from your choices, New Breed.

Well, lets break this down.

First, we need to decide by response, gap, etc. The Atmosphere and New Breed come with silicone response. You will have to replace it as time goes on. However, you won’t need to replace it extremely frequently. Also, the New Breed and Atmosphere booth have wide gaps. This usually allows you with more room in the yoyo to play around with. The Dark Magic has a smaller gap (Although it does have an adjustable gap.) If you want silicone response and a wide gap, the Dark Magic is not for you. If you DON’T want those things, the Dark Magic is for you. However, if you find that it isn’t for you, read on.

This is the easiest part. If it comes down between the Atmosphere and New Breed, simply choose by size. If you want a large yoyo, get the New Breed. If you want a small yoyo, get the Atmosphere. Both are very good yoyos. :wink:

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