Dark Magic Trapeze Trick

Hey Guys! Is there any video anyone has watched or can find that shows someone using a Dark Magic yo yo to do the Man On The Flying Trapeze trick? I have the Dark Magic, and everytime I want to do that trick I fail. Please I think that it might be easier if I had someone do it with the same yo yo i have. If some of you think that this is not the case, please post what you think the case is. If this helps any bit, I have been practicing this trick for a very very long time. Everytime… FAIL! Not even once, So please post!!

Do you just miss the string, is the yo-yo crooked, or does it quit spinning to early. Could you please tell us how the yo-yo act?

I can’t catch the string. It does end to early sometimes but I think that matter Is how I throw it but ya I can’t catch the string!


Couldn’t be a more perfect example than Andre himself^. That video (above) is exactly what you’re looking for. :smiley:

First of all, move your nonthrowhand’s finger closer to the yo-yo, second, when the yo-yo is above your nonthrowhand’s finger and is starting to come down, slightly pull the string with your throwhand,(This helps the yo-yo land on the string, if timed correctly.) and lastly to make sure your breakaway is straight, stand close to the wall, and throw a breakaway, try to get it as straight as you can, then move a little bit closer, until your throwing a straight breakaway.(I read this somewhere here on the forums, not sure where, but this helps to make sure your breakaway is straight. If your breakaway is straight, then the yo-yo should be able to sleep longer, and it would help land the string.)
I hope this helps.