Dark Magic to win 2nd in Worlds?

I did a quick search to see if this was on here, but couldn’t find it. Anyone know who used the Dark Magic “to rank as high as 2nd place” at Worlds? That’s what Yoyowiki says at least.

Worlds 05, Yuuki.

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Google magic :stuck_out_tongue:

Josh is just a vet and probably remembers these things

Some people like to absorb information. Kinda like football/baseball stats junkies. I fail to see how memorizing this crap helps you in real life. Fill your brain with something useful.

I mean, memorizing some yoyo stats is not a big deal. Wasting VOLUMES of brain space on football and baseball stuff is just not a good utilization of time and/or resources unless you spend a lot of time in sports bars and a lot of time drinking AND/or playing “fantasy sports”.

I say memorizing yoyo stats is not a big deal because there’s a LOT less of it. Heck, I don’t remember who won Worlds in 2011. It’s not of critical importance to me.

I’m sure you know that as humans, we use a small percentage of our capable brain power. VOLUMES (I don’t know the need for caps) isn’t much. We can memorize as much as we want. It’s a hobby, and some people just remember things better. people use memorization as a brain exercise, and helps them forget less things in the real world.

i memorize pointless things like inside jokes from months ago that are rarely spoken of. but i cant pass my history test.

I know guys who know 30 years of stats of the NFL. Every player… It’s sad really. Too bad they didn’t put that much effort into their job. Oh wait, unemployed… figures. Yet, always has money for smokes and booze. Strange world.

I’m wasting my brain on expandig my capabilities as an audio engineer, my craft, my trade(and the other things I do to earn money). Yoyo, as enjoyable as it is, is just a small part of it.

If I need stats, I can get it off the internet. If I need to keep information handy, I can save it to a location that I can keep it accessible.

But back to the OP’s stuff, but on a tangent:

There’s a LOT of good stuff out there on the market. As competing with the yoyo is a human thing, there’s also a luck element because anyone can mess up at any time. It’s possible for someone to win with almost any yoyo. What’s more important is there’s a lot of good stuff. It’s really up to the players to find that ideal yoyo for them, be it an “off the shelf” model or a custom job.

I like the fact that the Dark Magic has been taken to a high level within the competition circuit. I would assume that the DM2 would be in the same category. Either way, I like my DM2. I’m really not interested in the original Dark Magic as I think the response system is kinda strange, being a mix of starburst on one side and o-ring on the other side. I’m sure there’s a lot of variety for the Top 3 finishers.