i know that worlds 2010 ALREADY happened in florida, but my friend says there will be “another worlds 2010” in california. huh?

That was the US nationals and it was last weekend. Also, there is BAC (Bay Area Classic) (or maybe it’s BLC - Bill Lebowitz Classic) but those aren’t quite as bit.

I think he meant the Nationals. And that already happened this weekend.

yeah im a little confused too, its worlds then nationals? i thought the top from nationals went to worlds.

This is correct. However, they plan it so that worlds is the end of the “yoyo season,” in the same way the superbowl is the end of the football season. U.S. Nationals is actually like one of the first contests of the following “year.”

so 2011 has already kicked off?
cuz im thinking of competing this year and its confusing me

Well the Nationals have already happened.

they where the “2010” nationals so thats why im confused

Wait, why are you confused?

I’m confused by all of their confusion lol.
what happened last week? the 2010 nationals or the 2011?

The just recent Nationals was in the year 2010, but it is the start of the 2011 contest year because if you get first then you qualify for the world yoyo contest. So, because Sebby won he doesn’t qualify for the 2010 worlds because it already happened, he instead qualifies for the 2011 worlds. Hope this made sense. Also, they could also be referring to the world yoyo open, or is that in NY?