Hiroyuki Suzuki

I was really disappointed when I saw that Hiroyuki Suzuki got 15th at worlds this year. I don’t think his time is over, because he is obviously very skilled. I just think he needs some new tricks. What do you guys think?

I think that he tries to go faster than he’s able too. Sometimes it feels like he didn’t practice enough for worlds or something, like he doesn’t have the combos down 100% when he attempts them on the stage. The last time that i felt he had full control of his yoyo was when he won in 2012.

I’m not suggesting that he’s a bad yoyoer by any means though, he’s one of the greatest of all time without question. Just my 2cents.

I feel like he has a bit of stage anxiety sometimes, which can affect his performances. Maybe it was just me, but he didn’t look as comfortable at Worlds as he usually does. Going on stage after Zach probably didn’t help.

Seemed like an old freestyle to me…

Well saying he doesn’t have any new tricks is a bit of an overstatement. He does have new stuff every year, it’s just subtly inserted with his routine combos, so the freestyle may look similar, but there are small variations between them. Plus the fact that he has a company to run now may be the reason why he might not be as competitively prepared as he once was. But he is still a legend and I think it’s even cooler that he now has 2 teams of sponsored players competing FOR him in a way.

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I didn’t say that he did have “any” new tricks. Just that as a whole, the freestyle seemed a little recycled. If the variations are so minor they’re hard to catch, then what is the point? I like a lot of his tricks, and no one disputes his past achievements.

His theme song could be Legend by Drake. (Part of the chorus at least)

Observations about his present output are not meant to detract from his past glory.

I’m also not saying he’s washed up. 15th in the world is a place I’d only dream of being.

He has too many similar, overused tricks IMO.

I’d imagine there’s pressure and doubt. (He might even be worried his days are over himself.)

Though he’s highly skilled and a role model to many, I’m sure.

I personally don’t care what place he got. I enjoyed his freestyle more than several others that placed higher. He is incredibly entertainment and fun to watch. I don’t think his time is up personally.

This he’s so fun to watch.

Saying that he uses overused combos is funny. He basically invented the speed combo.

My feelings are very similar to this. In my opinion, he tries to go too fast so he only does simple elements. If you watch tutorials for his tricks, they are not that hard to learn but they look hard because their are done so fast. If he added in more technical elements I think he would do better. Look at the winner, Zach Gormley, for example. That kid’s got style.

I’m a fan good technique, so I always find it disappointing when those who possess great fundamental technique don’t place too high, while others who sometimes look a little sloppy place much higher.

Suzuki’s was one of the freestyles I enjoyed the most.

This is one of the things I like about him so much; his tricks are so simple (I even know some of them) but they look really impressive, especially to newer players or general audiences (he makes the simple amazing?). I admit, when doing my own performances around town, I always channel my inner Mickey and end up going much faster than I can, especially when doing his tricks.

I’m sure he’s aware of any criticisms people have about his repetitiveness, but sometimes I feel he’s just competing to entertain with his flashiness, which is why he tends to go a little faster than he can. I always see him doing demos for contests throughout Asia, and he just looks like he wants to give the audience a good time. Plus, as previously mentioned by others, he’s got his own team now.

It goes without saying he’s an all-time favourite of mine, and winning or not, his freestyles are the first I always look for when I hear about a new contest.

Four World titles and running a successful brand and online store.

Looks to me like Hiroyuki won. :wink: