dark magic mirror caps problem

how do you remove dark magic mirror caps like the yoyoexpert edition i tried suction cups and it wont suck.

Suction cups are the best way.

Take a bowl or something like it and drip in some dish soap. Pour some water into the bowl and get a nice mixture of soapy-watery-goodness.

put the suction cup in the bowl so you get the cup all wet with the stuff. That mixture should help it seal to the cap!

Yeah, the water helps make the suction cut stronger. And don’t worry, it won’t mess up the caps.

I just realized we never talk about removing suction cups from caps:

The best way I’ve found for removing suction cups is to use your fingernail and lift one part of the cup up. By lifting the one part up, gases can enter into the suction and release the suction action.

My suction cup has a little tab on it, but Whatever.

Don’t forcefully pull the suction cup from the cap, it can deform it and make it unable to go in, or be very loose when you do.