Dark Magic,Lynn fury Learning stradegy

I Bought me a lynn fury for my first yoyo. I started learning, but couldnt do nothing with the fury. I bought me a dark magic thinking it would make me better cause of andre boulay created it and used it.

Ok heres the krazed part. I get the Dm,and i can learn the tricks so much faster and it was a lot better cause i hated the lyn fury.

Now when i switch out ive noticed when i;m learning a trick with the dm its almost there,But as soon as i go to do it with the Lynn, damn i nail it.
I do it so much better and with ease with the lynn fury,so conclusion cause i know my grammar wasnt all so good or my description i’m in a huryy.

I cant learn tricks that good with the lynn fury.
I can learn tricks with the dark magic better.
When i’m struggling with the dark magic to perfect it,i put the lyn fury to use and i perfect it alot easy.

ummmm yeah i bet we’ve all done that too many times. i don’t really do it cuz perfecting it with a Velocity rather than a Dark Magic really makes a difference:Accuracy

I imagine it is just becasue you are used to how the lyn fury plays.
What I would do is use the DM for a week without using your Lyn at all. you may becaome used to the dark magic which be beneficial as it is a better quality yoyo.

I think its b/c I Dm is bulky and heavy,and when i go to do string tricks its goes sides ways at time.

But with the lynn fury its small and light and i can do a trick faster and i do not have enough time for it to tilt.

Which Anymore i am getting less tilt with my tricks as i progress.

only good the Lyn Fury is at your stage is let others use it and improve your throw.

??I’m sorry i couldnt understand that,I to have bad grammar as well

sorry for being little vague there.
The Lyn Fry is an amazing yoyo but with a DM there’s not tat much use to it except for letting others try it out or just improving your throw. trust me throwing around a plastic after being so famliar with metal or metal-rimmed does wonders. it’ll make your throw stronger and straighter(it did to me anyways)

Oh Yea so true.