Dark Magic 2 vs DV888


I know, there are a hundred of these postings. I’ve read them all, so hear me out…

I bought a lyn fury and started throwing about 8 years ago, easy stuff - brain twister, double or nothing, mach 5… but never progressed much past that. The resources for learning weren’t as great as they are today…

So, a few weeks ago, I picked it back up and got “re-obsessed”. I can throw all the “intermediate” tricks and many of the advanced tricks - even with a fully plastic yo. I haven’t done any maintenance to the LF and it is very unresponsive - I bind every throw - which is fine, I’m used to it.

Are all my tricks ‘smooth’ - ha! by no means. But every once in a while I throw a nice smooth combo. (IE - Mcbride Roller coaster and finishes with a few matrix’s… or something like that)

So, now that you know my background, here’s the question:

Dark Magic 2 or DV888?

I think the DM2 would be a bit slower and heavier - maybe make those 1.5 mounts smoother and give some weight to tricks like wormhole. Also a little easier to hit the strings consecutively.

But eventually, I’ll want a full metal throw and I’ll want to play faster. I’m nervous it might be oppressively hard to land on the string while learning advanced/expert tricks.

Is it that much easier to learn advanced tricks on a DM2 than a DV888? Please help!


They’re both fine yoyos for learning advanced tricks. Really comes down to size preference.



Just clean the bearing in your Lyn Fury and silicone it and it will feel like a totally new yoyo.

You’re kind of at that in between position, between plastic, plastic/metal and full metal, coupled with skills acquired. We do not know if you can bind yet, which prevents me from saying “sure, go full metal”.

The dv888 is a bit small, dense, and can go off axis easily. Some people love it, some people hate it. I’m not a major fan of it myself, but I have one. It just feels dense and plays like it’s price.

The DM2 is bigger, heaver, different weight distribution(both are rim-heavy), with 2 bearings it can go from responsive to unresponsive, and the high sidewalls help force you to land clean. This yoyo by itself will take you further than the dv888 in my opinion. I also find tricks easier to learn on the DM2 due to the size. It also feels more stable to me.

If you want a more Lyn Fury type experience, you can go with a Hitman Pro. If you want something that will force you to throw better, the XCon Pro.

With so many decent yoyos, I’d say do the simple mods on the Lyn Fury. Learn to bind, get good at it, and then consider a full metal upgrade. Time? 1 week should be enough for you to learn to bind and be ready to upgrade. Start thinking budget. Since you want speed, the V-shapes typically play faster, so the sOMEThING Firmy would be affordable, as would be the C3 DiBase and Capless.


I’ll re-iterate this:

I bind every throw. I can bind. I don’t have to learn how to bind. You know when you wrap the string around the yoyo in order for it to return to your hand? Yeah, I can do that, flawlessly.


Considering you can bind my question now is how do you want to play do you want to play fast or slow? Would you like to do horizontal? What is your budget?


IMO, the DM2 feels much lighter on the string than the DV888. If you’re itching to go full-metal, I’d recommend something like the RecRev TA-1. It’s an amazing yoyo for the price. Full-metal, grindelicious finish, great spin time, and really stable. It will get you where you’re going, will look and feel good doing it, and won’t cost you as much as other yoyos that play half as well.


I have a DV888, and you get used to undersized pretty quickly. And I’ve played with a DM2, and it is good at grinding, but not very good at sleeping, Id say get A DV888.Or you should get a G-Funk, those are really good.


I do spirit bomb in like 2 seconds with my DV888, and undersized is good practice for competing, because you get really good at landing.


Well if I were you I would save 10 dollars and get a di base or I would get an echo. They are both great throws that will get you far. Now you just have to think about what shape you want.


Sorry. Missed that part. With the number of new players buying unresponsive yoyos and complaining about it recently, I tend to overlook details.

I’d still choose the DM2 over the dv888.


Lynn fury feels more undersized to me so I’d recommend the dv888 myself. To me it feels faster than the DM2 but that may just be preference. They’re both good yoyos it just comes down to what you want


but the dv888 is undersized

this is why you get a dibase echo metropolis or raptor




I said the lynn is undersized and dv888 is undersized so I don’t see the problem


I’ve tried both and I like the dark magic 2 more than the dv888.
I’m not too fond of either but I’d rather pick the DM2 because it feels more floaty and it’s long spinning and stable, while the dv888 feels like a rock on the end of a string.


I agree with this for sure.


Protostar is better than either…and cheaper.