Dark Magic II vs other yoyos

A few months ago, my Dark Magic II went missing, so now I am trying to pick a new yoyo. Should I get another Dark Magic II or should I get a different yoyo?

That’s a good trick… Could you teach me?


this is not even close to the right board for this thread. go to yoyo reviews and there is a sub board for recommendations. you can move the thread by going to modify at the top right hand part of your original post, and then going to additional options and changing the board.

anyways, i would say another yoyo. what did you think of the DMII? i know you have no comparison, but was it too big, heavy, not wide enough, etc? you also could try something completely different. maybe an undersized h shape yoyo. try the nova for something completely different.

I say go for the Rec Rev Ocsillitrix! Think, slightly smaller but wider DM2 thats days faster but spins years longer!

Did you like the DM2?

Yoyo consistency is always something good when learning at the beginner and intermediate stages of progression.

I would say that if you liked the dm2, then getting another would be a great choice. But also, if you find that you do want to try out something different, any of the other bi-metals from the yoyojam product line would be great choices. The Cerebrus is especially a nice throw.

Might want to hold off on a full metal for a bit, but soon in time you will feel ready and you can take one on. A nice rec rev perhaps as they are on the cheaper side and make great first metal transition yoyos.

Good luck with whatever your choice may be!


the cerberus is my favorite yoyojam. though i haven’t tried it, the vigilante looks dandy as well. of course, the dark magic ii is great too. any bi-metal from them will do. choose the coolest one.