selectin a yo yo

How the heck am i suppose to pick a yo yo. I know the basics. I need an unresponsive, intermediate to expert level yo yo between 40-60 dollars. I thought there cant be that many yo yo’s that fit those requirements. I start looking on this site and after looking at just the yo yo jam selection i already have 10 to pick from. Anyways is there a way to pick and what would you suggest. (I was thinking about getting dark magicII)

Everyone will have a preference and when everyone starts talking about what they like it will even get more confusing.

Therefore I will try to offer some suggestions on things to guide you in your selection.

  1. What did you like about your previous yoyo/yoyo’s?
    -the shape
    -the weight
    -the width
    -the diameter
    -the response
    -the appearance
    Use your preferences from your own experience to narrow the field. If you didn’t like your previous yo look for something different in every characteristic.

  2. What style of play are you interested in? The dmII is basically for string tricks and not for looping.

After you have narrowed down which yoyo’s you are interested to just a few then ask for suggestions and it will be more helpful. However, people will still throw more suggestions out there and soon you will probably be just as confused as you are now lol.

In the end you just have to trust yourself. Oh and the DMII is a great yo, some people find it a little large but others love it!

Have fun choosing!

Just buy one ya think you would like, a few months down the road buy another, and repeat in another few months ( or weeks, days however long you can contain yourself/ afford) soon enough you will get a feel for the things you like in a yoyo and you will be able to make more sound decisions…

Unless you are in a situation where you can try before you buy, Zerrubabbel has it pretty much dead on. Best bet is to make informed purchases based on what information you can get and advise you choose to take as credible. Regardless, it’s going to be a risk unless you know what you’re getting.

hes too beginner to care about shape etc. get a dark magic. then you can get a different yoyo then see what you like. trust me.

My personal favorite yoyojam is the new breed. i suggest you get that one.

get a duncan raptor

you want metal or plastic? personally i love YYF’s line of cheaper throws. Protostar, northstar, starlite, grind machine 2. I suggest a protostar, good price. Great play, I have a lot of expensive throws and I still love to play my old beat protostar. Only reason why I say protostar > yyj DM2 or other bi-metal is when your learning your gonna drop your yoyo alot…dinged up bent metal rims suck… your not gonna have a big a problem hurting a protostar.

I agree with Crosswhite. The Protostar and Northstar are both great yo yo’s! I like em much better than my DM II.

DV888 is also a great throw.

i also very much agree with Crosswhite, because you might drop your yoyo alot get a northstar or protostar, they are better than the dark magic in my opinion. also when you yoyo for about 2 years you will know by then exactly what kind of yoyo your looking for, so if your a real beginner then get some plastic yoyos that wont blow your budget. if you want a metal yoyo and maby dont like the plastic then get a duncan raptor.

Are you ready for a metal? I wouldn’t recommend one just yet, a bi-metal serves you just fine.

I recommend the YYJ Bi-Metals, there is barely any difference between some. No need to go up to 60 bucks now.

A Speeder 2 could be a choice. Or the DM2.

Northstar is great too, but you might be too surprised about how light and hollow Protostar feels. But Protstar can do anything. It seems light, and feels like it does nothing similar to Duncan Butterfly, but it is totally different. It’s quite stable for it’s weight, and it plays great. Mommameah, it’s surprising. Northstar is the same, except it’s heavier.