Dark Magic II video review

Hey guys! This is my very first review and I decided to make it a video one as well hahha I gotta warn you it is pretty long, guess it shows I can blabber on for hours. So feel free to watch it, and hope you enjoy it as well!

-Review in a nutshell-

Specs-  Weight (g)        67.40
            Width (mm)       43.70
            Diameter (mm)     55.90
            Gap Width (mm)     3.23
            Response                YYJ silicone pads
            Bearings                  slim bearing and C size bearing

Goods- Overall new feel in hands/play is great
            Unresponsive with C bearing without tampering
            Very smooth with no snag
            Long spin times giving long lasting combos
            Looks awesome without caps, showing new axle design
            Good price
            Feels durable
            Grinds are nice for yyj plastic/metal
            Plays how you want it at your own pace, fast or slow
            yyj wobble barely there, it’s pretty smooooth

Bads-    On some throws if you have caps, it has that poppy/floppy cap sound
          YYJ box could be a little nicer but that’s being picky
          Not much of a color option but  like I said,    ^

-Other things forgotten-
          Comes with 2 bearings slim for responsive play like the Revolution and regular C bearing for unresponsive

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I think it was a little too long. The intro itself was over a 1:00. Plus you could of saved time on the camparison by doing more than one at a time. Other than that it was good.

Yeah lol it’s pretty long, future vids I’ll plan them to be shorter. :smiley:

I think it would be great if they eventually make the DMv2 w/ both sili and the hybrid. I’m not a fan of the fact they changed the response. I love my DMv1 response, it gives it a different feel from my sili’d throws. Now the new response just gets lost in the shuffle w/ everything else.

nice review.

great review dude i would like to see more video reviews usually its just video unboxing or something… only thing you didnt show was the different bearing thing I dont really get how that works… seems kind of pointless to me as i dont think a beginner really needs a small bearing. and i checked out your band I like metal (mostly powermetal), not so much into thrash but really good stuff!!

its a little long but thank you so much for going into such detail! I want to know pros and cons and you said alot of pros and cons and i think i might buy dm2