Dark Magic 2 Questions

Is the Dark Magic 2 responsive bearing completely for a beginner or intermediate who is not completely comfortable with unresponsive? Thanks!

Honestly it can be for whatever you like. My oldest son likes those half spec bearings for unresponsive play because it makes him better.

I wonder if anybody’s ever beefcaked those to make a “grooved” bearing of some sort xD

I am probably only going to be using the Dark Magic 2 for 1A, so for those of you who have it please tell me!


I don’t have it, but it’s designed as a 1A/5A/3A yoyo, so of course it is :slight_smile: I love all of the YYJ Bi-metals, and since YYJ switched the DMII’s response from a hybrid to pads, I imagine it’s even better

Dark Magic = Thumbs Up

Thanks, I just ordered it so I’m pretty excited. I feel better now that I know I can use it for what I want. 8)

I have one and it is great for string tricks.

It’s a great starter yoyo that comes with a training bearing and a speed bearing. I love how smooth the DMII is, a great yoyo for the price too. I try to work it into my yoyo rotation but I have a hard time putting my Gnarwhal down. The DMII is a little too light for my liking, but its smooth spin is very desirable.

Light? The thing is 68 grams, I think

69 haha but who cares

I’ve never thought either of those comments applied to the DM or DMII

By light I mean it just doesn’t play with that ‘thunk’ when you throw it. It’s too floaty for my liking thats all.

I own both a DM1 and a DM2. I got the DM1 many years ago. The DM2 was my first unresponsive yoyo about a month ago and it introduced me to this new technology of unresponsive play. For this, I love it. I put a KonKave bearing in it and took its speed bearing and put it in my DM1. The DM1 played a bit stiffer and was a bit smaller. But now I have two unresponsive yoyos that I like messing with :slight_smile:

I just got some counterweights that I am probably going to put on the DM1 since I may drop it some and it has been pretty durable until now.