Dark Magic II Review

Before you buy the dark magic II, i got to tell you something.

I have seen many bad things about the dark magic and i didn’t beleave them until i bought one for myself. Its awful, well i can’t say that beacause i know people who love this yoyo but i personally and some other people http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,26387.0.html have been having bad luck with it. Buy at your own risk…

It could be that i got it in yellow not red, that could be it

No offense intended but I think this is your inexperience coming through, as with the post you are quoting. There are a number of real reviews of the DM II around that do not reflect your opinion.

You know, I’ve seen a lot of DM II reviews going around or I should say… a “poor” excuse for a review. But honestly, it’s not the throw, it’s the thrower. I recently bought another DMII * Old one cracked…long story* just to add to the collection and I’ve been capable of putting in my combo routines in it just as if it was one of my metals. Note to all, I’ve played with at least 4 different DMII’s and there all good. I even wrote a review of it long ago so yeah… This is my old video review, I really don’t want to search the post of my review for it’s way too old to repost and please note it’s a long review so if anybody watches it, just skim through and the first minutes is just boring talk blah blah poo.