Dark Magic II rattling sounds

I have a new Dark Magic II. While playing with it I noticed that it seems to be making a rattling noise while spinning. Is this bad? if so, is there something I should be doing to fix this?

One or both caps are loose. Pop the caps and use a little Elmer’s Glue-All to tack them back into place, or just leave them out.

Could be alot of things.

Is it the bearing? Is it the caps?

Probably would be my guess.

Could you possible describe it more?

I think that it might be the bearing be quad when I shake the YOYO, I hear something rattling. Am I right, or is it the daps rattling?

Yeah probably the caps.

I’d agree with Studio that rattling sounds while the yo-yo is spinning is probably one or both caps. If its still making a rattling sound when you shake it though that sounds like something else. Have you ever taken the yo-yo apart? Caps, at the axle, anything?

Quick fix, take the caps out, get some seran plastic wrap and wrap it over the cap in one layer, smooth on the face, and sealed in the back. Do this to both caps and pop them back in, they should hold in place just perfect, and no risk of glue bunching up and getting stuck.

Give it a try!



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