My speeder 2 hit the floor (dont ask how plz) and now with the caps the yoyo would make a weird sound so i have to take it out so it doesnt make that sound! And i dont really like how the speeder 2 looks without the mirror caps (looks plain weird to me). Is there any way to fix it?

so the caps are making noise right. Hmmmmm, I would clean the caps and make sure that they fit snug on the yoyo.

its the sound of plastic and metal. dm2 is the same way.

so its normal to happen every time i throw?


If you’re going to cuss, learn to spell the words correctly…
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heh, i was thinking that

When in fact, the real problem is that he dropped his yo-yo on the floor while touring the Hoover. Come on now, let’s get our facts straight before jumping to conclusions. :stuck_out_tongue:

lol mrcnja :smiley:

The cap could be loose on the yoyo, making it rattle while it spins. Glue down the caps to the yoyo if you really want to keep the caps on.

What’s this, a useful post?

Or a small (Very small) piece of double sided tape.

This works…
Is there any problem playwise? Other than the cap?

Guys, he’s talking about beavers…