Dark Magic II compared to a Supernova?

So I’ve truly been enjoying my Supernova, and my birthday’s in roughly two months. I’ve looked at the new Half Life DMII and loved the colorway, however - can it even come close to a Supernova’s performance? I’m referring mostly to stability, how fast/slow it can play, how much can it handle before spinning out of control/simply stopping, and so on.

I can easily purchase something with much higher quality but I’ve always wanted a DMII since I first discovered unresponsive play.

DmII is fast playing. If I compere that to a genesis + the genesis have more weight than dark magic II so it does play little faster. DmII is not the best yoyo for finger/armgrinds cuz its not all metal.

And I forgott, it’s stable. But it’s you that decide what you gonna get. Look up some reviews on YouTube :slight_smile:

It’s a long spinner for a bi metal. On a strong throw, 2 minutes.

It is a pretty nice throw and is really fun but I don’t have a supernova so I can’t compare them. Sorry.

I can make it spin longer. :wink:

The DMII is a slow player. However, with the caps off, it’s a little faster. It’s long spinning, stable, and good for every type of grind except finger grinds. It also doesn’t slow down too much in the middle of tricks, unlike my PGM…

Just because it’s not all metal doesn’t mean it’s not good for grinds.

I don’t understand. If the Genesis has more weight, how does it play faster?

It doesn’t :slight_smile:

Really, it’s all preference. The Dark Magic can and will be used on equal terms as the Supernova. I’m not a fan of the Supernova, so I would pick a Dark Magic over it anytime, but I will still be able to do the same combos on both yoyos. The Supernova will obviously be a bit smoother, but the Dark Magic can match it in terms of spin time, stability, and overall performance.