Dark Magic help plz

hello, I’m getting a DM in about 1 week and have a few questions.

How long does the DM sleep when it comes right out of the box?

Is 50/50 poly cotton string good? Cause i only got that

and im getting the special edition. whats difference from special edition and the normal DM


50/50 is just fine
it will sleep for about a minute tops i think, you are gonna want to lube it and break in the bearing
and the only difference between the normal dm and the special edition is the rims are anodized

Thanx so much for the reply.

no problem, anytime

There is no differnce between the special edition and the regular except the special edition has black anadized rims.

  1. Mine slept for 2 & 1/2 minutes out of the box, but i upgraded it to a KK bearing, so now 6 minutes.
  2. For now. Once you get into more advanced tricks, you might want to get 100% Poly.
  3. There is no difference in play, only in style/color/caps and the fact that there are only 225.

It will not sleep for a certain amount of time, it’s the throw not the yo… well yes the yo but samad can throw 5:15 while i may throw a 49 second (i can get like 3 minutes… it’s an example…)

I threw a 6:38 with my G5 a couple days ago :slight_smile: