Plastic grind machine?

So i’ve ben thinking about the PGM. It feels awesome, has hubstacks, unresponsive and is cheap. ;D
Hmm I’ve been wondering. What are the sleeping times to expect from a PGM? Yes I know it differs from everyone. But I’m just wondering what are the range of times to expect. Anyone can help?

Emough time to do tricks - more than enough time to do tricks.

Definitely enough to do trick.
but averagely, it’s about 3 minute, normally.

A am by no means a good sleeper thrower and I got a little less than two minutes. Now that I put some weight rings in it could probably sleep longer though. I like it a lot, especially for 5a.

Oho. So it’s a bit less than the DM eyh. Thanks everyone. ;D
Cant wait for it. Haven’t ordered one yet though. It comes with a nice box right?

The DM doesn’t sleep longer, Its all in the Throw, I could make my PGM sleep longer than you throwing the DM, If we swicthed i could make the DM sleep longer if you had the PGM. No yoyo has an Exact Sleep time or range, its the person.

You seem to be implying something…

Erm yeah. I get what you mean. What I was saying is just that if a person uses a DM and a PGM, the person will get a longer sleep time on the DM. (well at least thats the norm, IMO). Yeah that’s what I meant.