Dark Magic by YoYoJam

Hey… well first of all let me say this is the best yoyo on the market if you make it and set it up right.

OK… so here it is…

Dark Magic
Brand: YoYoJam
Best Play Style: 1A, 3A, 5A

So there it is. now if you first puul this bad boy out of the package and put the string on your finger and that first throw is… Horrible i mean as soon as you pull it out of the box it sux but here are some tips to making it better.

First take some sand paper and rub it against the o ring because that takes off the response. Next you want to put it together and try it if it is too responsive than you take it apart and sand down the o ring again. Now… you repeat that as many times as you need to until it is perfect response. thank you and i hope this swings your decision. just get thiss it only takes tike 20 minutes to shape the oring. have fun!!! Only $40.80 + s&h

Hmm mine was great out of the box.

Cool. Hearing people’s personally-liked mods to do to perfectly good yoyos to make them more suited to what they like is fun.

Don’tDon’t! Shave down the starburst it ruins the response to reduce the response this yoyo has an adjustable gap loosen the yoyo a bit or shave take out the o-ring and put flowable silicone over the groove or just shave the o-ring hope this helped!(even though you already broke your yoyo)

@ The Magic Man, Not sure where you got the starburst idea. He clearly says to do it to your oring.

He could’ve just been saying it, not necessarily in response to what he said.

thank you some people dont get it