Special Edition Dark Magic

This is my first review so go easy!!! (any CONTRUCTIVE) criticism is recommended. (NOT TELLING ME SOMETHING LIKE"constructive is spelled with an s not contructive!!!")

The special edition dark magic is a beautiful yoyo that commemorates Andres being a yoyo national master in 2008 (and 3 other yoyoers winning with pink yoyos).

Out of the box-
I opened up my box and saw what I expected… 2 green boxes, a piece of paper, a t-shirt, string, and stickers. I opened up my first green box and a vivant pink radiated from the black/pink yoyo. Its reflective cap was beautiful (but quickly removed.) I won a contest to get the shirt and asked Andre to sign the shirt. He instead sent me two signed yoyo caps. They had the normal dark magic design… but they were mirrored and white. (you can see it in my profile pic). The anodized metal so far has not came off but I did not yet attempt a thumb grind or hit it against a floor (Its not worth it/soo beautiful). The mirrored caps are well nice enough to see my face in(also featured in profile pic). The string that came with it was not very nice so I replaced it with one of the strings in the 5 pack he sent me.

Stats (courtesy of Robert2393)-
Manufacturer: Yoyojam
Shape: Butterfly / wing
Weight (g): 70.60
Width (mm): 41.31
Diameter (mm): 56.24
Gap Width (mm): 3.40
Bearing Size (Inside x Outside x Width): .250 x .500 x .187 in
Gap Type: Adjustable
Stock Response System: YYJ Hybrid

First Impressions-
Okay, while beautiful, this yoyo had a major impression on me. I owned a yoyo out of 225 pieces with a white mirrored cap that I dont think are sold anywhere!!! The string was not the best and the yoyo had not yet been broken in so my impression was bad at first. It felt like the first time I threw my black DM!!!

I replaced the bearing with a regular DM bearing that had been broken in (stock). It is balanced and doesn’t slant. My other DM was great for thumb grinds, but I did not attempt (due to loss of paint). It grinds well everywhere else and string tricks or great.

Personal Rating- 1-Boulay (Boulay is the best)
1A- 9.5 DMs are great yoyos. 1A is their best catagory and it felt that way too. Very balanced and played like a normal DM.
2A-Umm its possible but I’m not sure how to try.
3A- I don’t have 2!!! Im not that good at 3a anyways.
4A-0 It would play okay but its not worth scratching this beauty!
5A- BOULAY(10 out of 10)-I strapped on my bouncy ball and BANG! Perfect 5A yoyoing.

Non yet, don’t want to ruin the integrity of the Yoyo.

Beautiful Yoyo, plays just like any other dark magic. The signature and caps were just me and you guys wont have it but still a beautiful yoyo. The hardest string trick I’ve gotten through with it was ladder escape… (the hardest trick I know). Great yoyo. My current favorite!!!


That is all :slight_smile:

Sorry if my Prof pic isn’t up yet! If it is, keep on spinning! If not… Well you choose!

great review I dont think anyone will criticise u if all of your reviews are like this

Very well done. Good job, Trince! I’m glad people have started writing decent reviews! Yours was actually enjoyable to read! Continue to make more great reviews!

Very nice review. Micthell is right. it was exciting to read! ;D


Thanks for spelling my name wrong! :wink: Just kidding. ;D Also, great job on the ratings for the style of play. Very creative!