Dark Magic 2 10th anniversary?

Is there any difference between the DM2 and the DM2 10th anniversary edition? If so, which one would you recommend?

The rim plating adds a little weight but that’s it. It’s definitely not worth the extra $15.

Also have you considered the revival. It’s significantly better than the DM2 for modern play.

I asked about the DM2 because it had both a responsive and unresponsive bearing. I’m still learning and I want a yoyo that can take me through the responsive tricks but that can switch to unresponsive once I get better

Just get a YYJ Classic. Once you master the easy stuff, you’ll thank yourself for saving the cash

Go for the iyoyo2 then


Comes with a slim and wide bearing like the dm2 but is metal and offers a modern shape.

Are there any other options other than the classic? I already have a yomega maverick, but it dosent seem to spin long enough to do split the atom, or any of the longer tricks even on my best throws(or maybe it loses spin too fast when it touches the string). I’m assuming that the classic has about the same spin time as the Maverick?

The worlds edition surge is heavier and comes responsive

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Forgot about the Surge, that’s probably your best bet for money, no big deal if you smack the floor, loose it, etc… and can perform unresponsively

The iYoYo 2 will last you your lifetime if you want a full metal, and I didn’t know it came with a thin bearing, so that may be right up your alley as well. I’m a serious fan of H shapes, so this one really appeals to me

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what about the dv888 starter set that is on this site? http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/1290/YYF-DV888-Starter-Set

dv888 is undersized and organic so it doesn’t stand up to the iyoyo. That said I’d say it’s better than the DM2

what does the iyoyo feel like when its playing? and what is its response?

It runs silicone pads just like the dm2 and dv888. It’s pretty stable and not as hefty as the dm2 in my opinion. Should sleep plenty for you.

The Classic is a very different beast.

However-- the Maverick is plenty to pull off Split the Atom. Keep at it, you’ll get it! And when you can pull it off on the Maverick, you’ll know your skills are getting better. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’ve never had a problem with spin times on my Maverick. I was just using it the other day actually, and I can hit like 30+ second long combos easily on it, with plenty of extra time

I can do it now, but for some reason my maverick still dosent spin longer than 20 seconds on my best throw

Hmm. So even not doing a trick at all? Just watching it sleep? That’s a problem with that particular yoyo, not Mavericks in general. Bearing might be in need of maintenance.

what about the yomega/yoyojam firestorm? is it a good alternatuve to the clssic and the surge (im asking because it is sold near me

I started off using a yomega fireball, then went to the Duncan metal drifter. Which I disliked. Than I got the surge. Loved it till I just got the replay pro. And now I’m happy with the replay pro