Dark Magic II or Shinwoo?


Hello all,

Which do you think is a better buy, Dark Magic II or a Shinwoo zen 4,5,or6 ect?
Performance, quality, ect. I know that the Shinwoo is an aluminum yoyo, but is that all it has going for it?



never played with the shinwoo but the DM2 is one of my fav throws! it makes learning tricks from beginner to expert very easy. =]


Shinwoo is pretty decent. It’s not bad. But it would be a safer bet to go with the dark magic. You get 2 bearings, so you can learn responsive stuff as well as unresponsive stuff.


I’m saying the DM2, but I don’t know your skill level or what you’re ultimately looking for.

For the money, you can add a Speeder2 into the mix and get similar performance and features as the DM2 if you want a different shape since it also comes with a slim and SPEC bearing. I have both, and the DM2 is still my go-to yoyo, even with other stuff available in my collection that costs much more.

A lot of people say a lot of good things about the Shinwoo at the $45 price range and I think all but one listed here are at that price. You can choose the shape you like the most. It is an all aluminum yoyo. The only downside is that they ship unresponsive and are meant for unresponsive play. This is only a downside if you do not know how to bind AND/OR are a total beginner, especially a beginner working entirely on your own.

The Shinwoo stuff isn’t “cheap”, these are great performers for the money. Another option in the same price bracket for a full metal is the dv888 if you’re interested a solid performing undersized throw. I haven’t documented the specs for the Zen yoyos yet as I’m looking at other items to obtain right now so I can’t say how it compares based on numbers. More than one of these have caught my eye though.

Terms like “better” really do come down to personal preferences and skill level. In this case, if I take the skill level route and assume you know very little, the DM2 would be the better choice of what you listed. If you have some skills or have been doing this a while, can bind and are using unresponsive yoyos, then preferences really play a huge factor. In which case, the DM2 could still end up being the better choice if that’s the shape, weight and performance you like.

Since the DM2 can take you from nothing to master play, it is theoretically all you need. That’s not to say you can’t enjoy one of the Shinwoo Zen yoyos either.


I made a review of the Shinwoo Zen 6 just a few days ago: