Dangers of the wooden fixed axle

So, I decided to relax today with a beer, some college football, and my Tmber Eh. Everything was going well for about 30 minutes… then I did a simple trapeze stall like a have done a bunch of times before and the yoyo returned to my hand. Something didn’t feel quite right. See if you can tell what the problem was lol.

Ouch. And ur a lefty. Cool.

OUCH!!! I hate splinters…Lefties for the win

I kinda cringed from seeing that


haha, yeah us lefties got to stick together :wink:

That’s gnarly!

You are becoming one with your yoyo ;D
But seriously, splinters build character.

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dang, that thing needs a run on the drill with some sandpaper.

Jeez. What’d they do? Find a log in the woods, make it round and that’s it? I’ve never had a wooden yoyo with freakin’ shards hanging off of it…

Don’t really know how it happened to be honest. I knew there were a couple of rough spots from the time I got it, I’m really not rough on yoyos so its not like I smacked it into something and broke it. just a freak accident I guess.

Impressive. I got a few splinters under the nail during my year with the eh. Hope you didn’t have to break out the burning needle.

Yowza. That probably looks better than it felt.

It wasn’t that it really hurt, I have a pretty high pain tolerance, it was just that I was so surprised. it was just such a simple trick, no sudden bind, no banging it off anything, just a normal every day fixie trick with a little extra lol.

As far as removing it, luckily it came out pretty clean. my son got a little splinter in is foot earlier today(ironic huh?) so I had some tweezers close by. Got it out without too much trouble.

Wow! You better sell your Eh to me! :smiley:

I should pore-fill and sand my Eh before it’s too late. :wink:

Haha, there are a few yoyos that will never leave me. The Eh is one of them. Ed’s story was so inspirational and cool, I couldn’t sell it. It really inspired me to enjoy yoyoing and not sweat the small stuff. Of all my yoyos, the ones that will NEVER go anywhere are:

7075 Majesty with wooden box(first General Yo from Ernie)
Red/Clear/Black Deadly Spins Wrath(First high end metal that I paid for)
1 of 1 Artwork sample Purple Heart ministar(personal reasons)
YYJ Trigger Orange proto (given to me by JD himself.)
Spyy/Tmbr Eh(explained above)

I don’t blame you one bit! I would never let one go if I had it. Well, unless the splinter was in the eye or something.

It’s wood, just lightly sand it :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s why I like TK and BC yoyos. Nice finish, no splinters.

Here is the after image. I haven’t done anything to it yet. you can see where it broke off on the edge.
the right side of the picture.