I think I've finally discovered the amazingness of fixed axle

I just read this post.  Immediately after doing so I took my near mint Optic Star No-Jive and walked the dog on concrete.

It felt good  :slight_smile:

Then I started doing some fun released throws where you take the loop off your finger and launch the yoyo in the air.  I even did a 360 and had it land in my shirt  ;D

Finally, maybe my new favorite trick (and I know many cabin tutorials, own combos, etc), is dog bite.  I just did this by mistake a second ago and quickly learned how to master it.

Fun stuff….  Just thought I’d share.  Thanks Ed.

ed is a wise man.

ha!!! awesome! glad you found it a good read - just keep in mind that i never meant to impose those “rules” on anybody else.

but if you like em, i might have something in the works that you’ll be into!

Just read the “Rules”. Loved it! Started looking around your blog Ed, and watched your “Play Simply” video (I’m a huge fan of Patagonia also), great video. Made me want to get out my fixed axles again and get back to the basics. Need to look for one of the Eh yoyo’s too, looked really cool!

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