New axles for old yoyos

Heyo! I was just thinking about wooden axles and replacements. Tom Kuhn still sells No Jive wooden axles, but it’s certainly not something that will last forever. Do you know of any other place to source these?

Along the same lines, Hildy Brothers hasn’t come out with a new throw in a few years; what about their Currier or Azalea?

If I were to measure the current axle dimensions, any suggestions on wood workers who could help in a pinch?

(Yes, I am a city mouse who didn’t grow up with access to a table saw or any other wood working tools…)


I believe @Glenacius_K has turned some axles in the past for No Jive players.

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He seems like quite the talented Lathe Lord ™! Shipping from Australia is hard in this Amazon Prime age though, despite Miracle Max’s adage about rushing miracle men and all.

Anyone you know who has done the same in the US?

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