Turning Point axles

I messed up my Max Bet’s axle last week. Turns out being sleepy + using certain substances + yoyo maintenance don’t mix well.

Anyways it’s no longer usable. I was wondering if anyone here could point me in the right direction. Where should I get a new one? I believe it’s an M4 0.7mm ~16mm axle.

I was going to order a 12mm YYF axle from YYE, but they’re out of stock. Yeah it’s a little short but I tried it using my Genesis’ axle and it worked.

Any help would be most appreciated.

Oh and I tried Home Depot but they don’t have long enough ones. And I found some online, but I don’t want to spend $9 + shipping for 100 of them.

Should have told me you needed some cause I would have cut you a couple from my stainless stock. Just don’t have hex’s in them.

Ahh dang, I should’ve figured you’d be able to help.

I’ll buy some from you.

I will pm you.