Looking for Stainless Steel Axle(M4x15mm)

Looking for Stainless Steel Axle(M4x15mm)!!!

Go to your local hardware store my guy!

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Bolt depot. They are like $.20

ah, is it really fit into a yoyo?


I bought these to replace all my peak 2 axles with black ones. Lol
They fit perfectly


uh.sadly i can’t get 15mm length

What yoyo? 14mm would probably work? No?

Anubis and Colony

i bought two 15mm axles on yoyo usa but it’s not enough

What do you mean it’s not enough? Is it too short? Ngl you shouldn’t be going through axles like sweet rolls with normal use.

I would email either Turning Point or the folks here at YoYoExpert as they can probably point you towards the part that you need. @AndreBoulay and @YoYoExpertGarrett are awesome and can probably help set you straight on the part that you need or at least point you in the right direction.

And yeah, I’m seeing 14 and 16mm M4s on Home Depot, not 15mm. :thinking:

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We do not have any Anubis or Colony in stock to check, but I just checked an Entangle and it has a 14mm axle. We do not stock this size unfortunately, but your local hardware store should have it. They’re called Set Screws or Grub Screws depending now where you go.


i mean i need more axles to replace until my yoyos touch smooth. XD i only found 15mm axles on another site but there was only one in stock.

ok,i will try to look at it. Thank you for the suggestion.

This isn’t the right length but this is the type that you’re looking for.

Edit: also you might wanna make sure to get stainless steel

i did see the same thing on Bolt depot, but thank you. uh, i didn’t expect my palpitation also uses 15mm axle after i checked it. Sigh. why so many turning points yoyo use this length.

So you’re changing the axles to try and remove vibe?

Why not just get a 16mm and cut it down? I bought a 3/4in set screw and cut it down to 5/8 for my peak. As long as you cut it and clean up the threads by screwing into a bolt first, you won’t have any issues

Since the 15mm is an odd size, maybe that’s what the manufacturer did originally

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