My new fixed axle wood

Well I have been working every night since october on a take apart wood fixed axle throw.
So without delay here it is.
Ps: it’s so Ironic that the size whole I made can let me put duncan large spacers in it for bearing play also.

Here is my loopers too they are not take apart though.

I just realize that the wooden sleeve I made can fit into Duncan’s also.

Doesn’t the portruding axle get in the way?

I don’t quite understand.

I think he means the axle thing sticking out the sides :). Looks nice though ;).

oh I get it. It was not that hard to make I just bought some dowel cut it and drilled a hole and carved it to the shape

I believe they are talking about the metal parts on the sides of the yoyo. They want to know it they get in the way while you are playing with the yoyo.

Yes and no. They can be fun to play around with like landing the sting on the hub. But if you are trying to do some tecknical tricks it can land on the hub with out you wanting to

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