Question about my take apart axle system

Recently, I created my own axle system using magnets for fixed axle yoyos that can be taken apart. The axle fits into the halves and is secured with magnets located in the ends of the axle and in the halves as you can see here:

The system works really well. It doesn’t fly apart during play, the magnets keep the axle secured in place, the only trouble with it, is that the halves can slip on the axle during regen tricks. This is easily fixed by putting plumbers (PTFE) tape around the sides of the axle.

Having to tweak fixed axle yoyos for them to work properly is quite common; Tom Kuhn No-Jives habe often required tinkering to work and even the TMBR woodthread axle system has had its share of experimentation by users to ensure it doesn’t fly apart.

What I’m asking is this; as a customer, would you be OK with my magnetic removable axle system requiring some thin plumber’s tape around it in order to avoid it slipping? The system will work perfectly if you would be willing to use this.

The biggest advantages of this system is that it creates smoother take apart yoyos that can be tuned if desired. It also enables me to use it with my dimple models like the Bloodcell and KNack. That would not be possible with the current existing take apart systems.

Please let me know in the poll below:

  • I’d be fine with having to apply plumbers tape to the axle as a customer.
  • I don’t want to have to bother applying anything to my fixed axle yoyos for them to work properly

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Please don’t forget that every yoyo requires the application of things to get it to continue to work properly, like lube.


Being a Bagpiper i am always applying plumbers tape and hemp and have it readily available. Also part of fixed axle and even modern responsive play is yoyo maintenance. More so than with unresponsive.

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By slipping, do you mean that the halves are spinning freely in the axle?

Can you stop this by using two small magnets on the end of the axle and also in the half, at the 12 and 6 o’clock locations?


Can you cut the end of the axle square, likewise the halves recesses?


Can you cut a notch in the axle, like a small “v” shape and place a “v” protrusion in the half?

All these are fiddly, but they should stop the axle from spinning freely in the halves.

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Not completely freely, but enough to slip with hard regens.

This would add too much weight .

Too difficult to do quickly and accurately with my tools.

Too finickey.

The plumber’ s tape stops it. I will also turn them with tighter tolerances in future.

Will the tape wear out with repeated removal?
I’ve not used it on anything wooden so I don’t know.

You can get quite small magnets that are still incredibly strong, if you’re worried about the weight issue.

Don’t get me wrong, I really like your magnet idea, I just think it would be a shame to have to put tape on the axle, but if it works then go for it.

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Aside from having notches in the wood, I see no other viable option. I feel as though I would have to fiddle with this in person to give you my true opinion on whether it works or not for me. For ideal performance, you are looking at having to replace the plumber’s tape every time (or close to it) you take it apart, which seems cumbersome to me.

To be completely honest, I view take apart in a fixie as a novelty that ultimately degrades performance. If using the plumber’s tape to get a good seal makes it smooth then great, but ultimately in the long run id prefer to have a glued in and secure design. Less things to worry about when playing = better imo. ‘Did I screw the yoyo a bit on that last trick or when handling the yoyo?’ This question is a non-issue with glued in designs. Since you are now using an epoxy instead of regular wood glue, the coming apart issue should be largely irrelevant. I would prefer that this kind of system be a supplement rather than a replacement of glued yoyos, but I guess democracy will determine the winner. My philosophy: simple is better. Still, I need one in my hands to properly critique it. Otherwise the tape is the best option most likely.


You will have to replace the tape most of the time, but not necessarily every time.

You will rarely ever have to remove the axle. You may to assist with a stubborn knot if necessary, and to replace the axle eventually if you desire.

As I keep mentioning here; I will turn axles with a tighter fit which may well eliminate the need to use the tape.

It will absolutely be this! I will not cease to make glued in designs, I will just offer magnetic options for each model.


I have to say I agree. I haven’t had any knot that was unremovable on a non-take apart yoyo. I think the plumbers tape is a good solution for the movement between axle and body, however, without experiencing the yoyo with and without tape, I can’t say for certain if the slipping would even be an issue for my style if fixed play. Also, I can’t say I remember the last time I unscrewed my No Jive or TMBR.

However, my opinion isn’t what matters. If Glen makes a yoyo he is happy to sell I’m sure it will be an excellent performer.


This makes me happy :smiley:

Not to dismiss this new system of course (I am interested in seeing and obtaining the final product), but because I love true fixies.

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I can’t imagine you’d be happy with a design that requires plumber’s tape to work properly?

I voted that I don’t want to bother with it, even though if I had one, and had to do it, I wouldn’t think it such a big deal.

I just think if you’re going to do this, you should do your best to figure out a way to make it work on its own.

Seems like a small notch is the best solution. Maybe just figure out a practical way to accomplish that?

I like this idea:

The dowel could be glued to either the axle or the yoyo half. Maybe figure out how to accomplish this? My idea was putting the hole and pin in the flat part, but that would probably be trickier to align during assembly.

Would it be easier to make a half circle trough in both the axle end and the yoyo half, and glue the dowel into one or the other? Then you could just twist the yoyo halves until it snapped into place. Looking at it, it doesn’t seem easy!

You could put little notches the the magnet part slide in to along either the magnet to keep it from slipping. Just an idea.

Recess a silicone pad in the axle end?

Cut a groove around the diameter of the axle ends, and pop in o-rings?

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The shaft key idea prevents tuning the yoyo, and could have an effect on balance.

But I think the o-ring (à la One Drop side effects) could be a nice solution though, more durable than plumber’s tape.

(I don’t know much about wooden yoyo manufacturing, but I love to see all these discussions about engineering problems!)

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I presume “tuning” is exclusively a take-apart fixie operation. There is no tuning a glued-in fixie, is there? I mean, what is there to tune?

Yeah, I can’t think of much tuning you could do with a glued in axle.

Very clever. I like it
I think this is a design in progress, and the final article will be different.
The axle, if i’m reading it correctly looks like a mini yoyo. Which fits in the lager halves, i’m desperatley trying to grasp the outcome of the throw, i’m not sure if stopping the rotation is desireable it may help develope new tricks. But if stopping rotation is needed then ptfe tape isn’t what i would call a good option. What about a steel pin ?

Why not? It’s really cheap and readily available.
People are happy with yoyos that require lube and solvents as maintenance for them to work properly, why not a bit of plumbers tape once in a blue moon?

I’ll say yet again: I’ll turn the axle for a tighter fit in future which will very likely eliminate the need for the tape.

I really can’t think of any practical way where this can be done cleanly and accurately with anything other than hand tools. No way I’m getting a chisel near it.

Drilling that accurately and cleanly in both the halves and the axle is just not possible. I have tried this by like this before. When you attempt to drill on the edge of something, the bit slips and drills a kind of ugly diagonal recess.

Neodynium the magnets are the very definition of brittle. Totally impossible.

This would do little to prevent slipping. The area that need to be addressed is the outer diameter of the part that fits in the recess of the halves.

That would add another gram of weight. The magnets already add 6.2g, I’m not adding more. The plumbers tape is near weightless.

You don’t need to tune a glued in yoyo, but a take apart would require it for the smoothest spins. If you were to replace the axle on my magnet system, tuning might come into play then.


I don’t know. Please don’t be mad if I’m honest with you, You know I love what you do, and I’m pretty sure I have one of the largest collections of Spinworthys. I just can’t shake the feeling that having such a clean and beautifully constructed yoyo, that you then have to turn around and wrap the insides with plumbers tape, is a bit of a fail.

From the voting, it looks like I’m in the minority, so… Maybe if you got some branded as “Spinworthy Tuning Tape”, I’d feel differently! :rofl:

So we’re talking about this in case it doesn’t, or if down the line it gets loose?

Why not? The o-ring idea would be like a drum brake, and this idea would be like a disc brake.


I mean put notches in the wood around the magnet that slide in to each other.

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Won’t it just get looser the more times it’s removed?