Damaged Yo-Yo Thread


I looked for an existing thread, but surprisingly couldn’t find one!

Did this the other day:

Not so Mighty Flea, on Flickr

I was on a balcony, and I tried to adjust the string tension, by pulling on the center string in a thumb mount. Bad idea, it popped right off and jumped off the string! I tried to stop it from falling off the balcony. I succeeded in that, but stomped right down on it, and… :disappointed_relieved:

Show some of your damaged yo-yos!


Eeek and that thing is steel, too…


I know!

(Priyanka) #4



Sorry about that! Can it be fixed?


I think, with a new axle for $2. The bad part was that I had just ordered something the day before, and could have added it in.

(Nathan) #7

RIP Mighty Flea. Thou shalt be remembered in our hearts always.

What shoes were you wearing that could do that? :athletic_shoe::mans_shoe: (something steel toed? Heh heh)

(ClockMonsterLA) #8

Looks like the mighty flea wasn’t so mighty after all…


The instructions clearly state: “Do not smash under foot” but it’s in fine print and in German so…


Hiking boots…

(Nathan) #11

That makes sense!
My running shoes wouldn’t do that unless I stood on one foot and jumped on the flea for a few minute. :slightly_smiling_face:


Well, the best yo-yo store in the world is taking care of me! :sunglasses:


Back in business/good as new!!! :heart_eyes: