d42kn355...what the heck?,,, your awesome

So I made a trade with this guy. Sent my end a few days latter. A month went by with him saying he wasn’t able to ship. Then he said after a month that he got in an accident a few days earlier. Now we are at the month and a half mark and he’s ignoring my messages. I’m a patient and understanding guy, but blowing me off is unacceptable. Bad form dude. Your a grown man.

So ya. Got the yo and he more then made up for the late shipping. Stand up dude. Feel just awful for ever doubting him.

He had an accident with fire. It was bad. I haven’t seen him active with the BYYS team in like a week. He must be incapable or unable to get to a computer or internet. I will try to get ahold of him for you.

He is typically very prompt with shipping.
I will get back to you.

I’ve traded with him three times with no issues. Once he wasn’t able to ship for a while but he pulled through and held up to his end of the deal. I’m sure he’ll get back to you.

He’s been online. He failed to ship for a month before the accident. It’s a yoyo not a pice of furniture. Shouldn’t be that difficult to ship.

Yes, but he might be having issues in life. Neither of us know what’s up in his life. I’m trying to contact him. I will get back to you later.

Thanks. I’d appreciate that

Is everyone ok that was in the fire?

It was a fire breathing accident, basically half-burned his face off

Oh no! I hope he’ll be ok! :pray:

Gosh… Didn’t know it was that bad…

Gotta give people a Chance right?
I hope you understand! He runs a FB BST, He’s a sponsored player, he does quite a bit.
He would NEVER Scam!

Don’t feel bad. You didn’t know.

Josh is a standup guy. I’m sure there’s a reasonable explanation and he’ll make it right.

he’s sure having serious issues as the man always does what he promises, he’s quite serious when trading stuff. He had a big accident, as you know, and burned his face. Give hm a chane and he will sweeten the wait 4 sure

He just got back to me. Thanks to whomever let him know:)