Czm8 or Shutter

They are the same price and i am considering both, what do you think?

I just got them both, thanks to the deal at PNWR, along with the free Proton. After playing both for about a half hour each, I’ll say that the czm8 feels lighter and easier to push fast than the Shutter, which lines up with the weight. I find the Shutter slightly harder to slip between strings, like in Cold Fusion or Skin the Chuck Testa, but it also feels a little bit more stable. It feels like it defaults to a slightly more relaxed throw style, but can be pushed to move very quickly without any real effort, just a decision to go fast or slow. As little of a weight difference as it appears, but the czm8 is easier to pop up for things like Kwyjibo, though both are plenty easy to catch back on the string. YMMV.

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