Cyborg vs Barracuda vs Paranoid/Positron


im getting a yoyo with a step round profile. will consider any similar shaped yoyos with weight<66.5
looking for speed and horizontal stability


I’d go with the paranoid/positron (size preference) just because it’s a japanese throw (I’m biased that way). But the Barracuda is so good, it’s on par with the japanese throws, maybe better?

For straight up performance, I’d go for the barracuda, but I like the quality and design of japanese throws.

The cyborg is good as well, but I just don’t feel it’s as good as the barracuda or the japanese throws.

Do you consider a Gleipnir step round? If you can get that, do it. It’s better than the throws you stated IMO.

Edit: Oops, didn’t see that you wanted a lighter throw. I still stand by my suggestion though, the gleipnir can play fast as well.