What should I get?


So I was gonna buy a cliff but the guy sold it to someone else so now I have money to spend. $100 maximum. I like floaty-ish throws, but solid feeling is okay. Full sized is preferred. I play sort of in the middle of slow and fast. Lots if tech.

Please leave me suggestions.

I have been looking at the Chik as one option.

(SlimJoe) #2

If you want something on the more organic side, the Werrd Fruiture is a good bet. Its only 30 bucks extra. Wait till it comes out.

Duncan Echo is a solid choice too.


Thanks but I’m not interested in either.


It is $10 more, but…


It sounds like it would fit your preferences. AMAZING throw.


I really do want one, but that $10 extra bucks is…just…I can’t do it lol. What does the barracuda play like?


Ok, so could you just wait and save up that extra $10? Because it would totally be worth it.

It plays like a perfect mixture of heft and float. Not too much either way. That is one reason I LOVE IT so much. Great size too. It is seriously the PERFECT all-around yoyo for me.


The barracuda is a beast solid and mid speed.

The cliff is HUGE and SUPER floaty.


Ok, so now it is between getting a chik now or waiting and getting a barracuda.

Or getting neither and getting a rally and something else.


If you like full sized, I would go with the new superstar. If your tricks are very tech, I would not recommend the Cliff. Because its so wide you might wind up landing or hitting strings that you dont want to. The new YYF superstar sounds like exactly what you want. or the avant garde 2. Its very similar to the cliff in terms of shape and plays amazing!!! absolutely amazing.


Forgot to mention that I DO NOT want YYF. Not all of my tricks are tech tho…


While the new 2013 SuperStar wants to fly fast, it is happy moving at slower paces. Too bad you’re ruling out YYF. There’s a lot of YYF’s on my “I do not want list”. However, I do have YYF’s on my “DO WANT” list. The “WANT” list is shorter because I mostly have all the YYF’s I want.

But, other than that, most of what I’m thinking about are speedier yoyos and more expensive.

Yeah the Chik would work. I’m thinking a Code 2 with disc side effects might be good, but we’re over-budget. Code 1 would be good too. Even the Cascade, but that plays totally different than the other One Drops.

CLYW is flat out not gonna happen unless used. Avalanche all the way.

Another option, since you like floaty-ish would be the RecRev OG Octave if they aren’t sold out(at another store though) Man, this yoyo will float, fly or speed like a bullet. Whatever you want, it does. Well except finger spins due to the nub in the center. Grinds like mad and far outplays its $70 price tag.