Cyanight's Ever-Changing B/S/T!


Cyanight’s B/S/T!

$$$$(Offer amounts, I’m not going to put up prices right now)

Too H.O.T
White Regen
Super G
G Funk
Any old/rare stuff, no 888’s.

Level 6
Berzerker SS/RX
Heart Beat

Anything. Preferably not a puffin or bonfire.

One Drop:
Any of the Benchmarks, old or new.
MarkMont Classic
Anything mid-large sized. Not a Rally.

Basically offer anything and I will probably respond!

What I have:

C3 Accelerator. Mint.
Plays great. No vibe. Not that hard to get.

Deadly Spins Wrath. Mint.
Amazing player, and it’s pretty beautiful as well. Hard to get.

Eternal Throw Elysian. Near mint. 1-2 pinpricks and one tiny(very tiny, almost pinprick sized) flat spot that doesn’t break ano.
Awesome player, even better fingerspinner. Drop-dead gorgeous. Hard to get.

Radical Seas Set Sail. Mint.
Raw, I think it’s from the first run. Good player, pretty slow and large but fun to use. Not too hard to get.

General-Yo Prestige. Mint.
Great player. Both halves light blue. Pretty fun to use. Not easy but not that hard to get.

I’ll just post a picture of the whole case, with everything that’s in it, I guess. If you are interested in something, send me a message and I can tell you the condition and how it plays.

From left to right. Each | ends a row.
DS Wrath, YYF Aviator, General-Yo Etheos, C3 Accelerator, General-Yo Prestige, YYF Mutant DNA |
YYF REGEN, YYJ Trinity, YYF Shu-Ta, YYF Grind Machine 2, YYF Ann Connoly Shutter, Duncan Strix |
YYF 888 Jason Lee, Square Wheels Rockefeller, Gen-Yo Etheos, OD Y-Factor, Yelets, YYF Mutant DNA |
VsNYYC Battosai, Spyy Spyder, ET Elysian, YYF Mutant DNA, TenYoYo Decapod, Radical Seas Set Sail |

That’s it for now! I’ll put up more at a later date. Feel free to offer anything. Thanks for looking!

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elysian still available…pm me…the pm is not working for me

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