I have redone myBST again. More Added

I redid my BST again. I would like Cash offers on any of the Yoyos. If you want to offer a trade don’t expect an answer for at least
A Week on the nicer throws. And remember Cash is King . If you plan to bug me for an answer to your offer of trade I can give
It to you now and the answer is No. For me to consider a trade on the nicer stuff it better be something awesome and marketable.
I don’t even want to get rid of all of them I’m just interested to see what offers I get.
I will ship internationally but buyer will pay for it. It varies depending on where you live.
The following throws are mint with box.

Hazmat, Designed and commissioned by the folks at Toxic String but manufactured by our friends
At One Drop so the Side Effects will work on it. I have Code 1 SE’s on it now but I have some other
Types if you prefer.

And a Paul Kerbal Edition MVP

This next set is mint but no boxes.

One Drop 54

Another 54, This Ones a Green Mist


Pyro Lite

Black Lilly

HSPIN Gorilla

Something about this throw that I really like. So I’ll probably keep it, but?

These next throws are not mint but there is not a beater in the bunch.

Hatrick – Small mark (see Pic) looks like it hit someone’s ring. Can’t be felt.

NVX Nice Player! Smooth, Stable, Quiet. Excellent!

Roo Yo and a Crucial Black delrin (I think it’s a milk)

My Wants are General Yo, CLYW, YYR and I’d like to try a Berserker
Oh yeah and CASH

Is the dang still available? I think that u sold me my ronin on ebay (lamp girl?P

I think that you sold me a ronin via eBay (lamp gal?). Is the dang available?