FS: Code 1, Lots of ILYY and YYF, PRICE DROP! LF: Summit, BvsM 2!!

Hi all, I finally got a camera that works so I can post on the Forums!! so here is my first attempt at a BST with Pictures. oooh, ahhh, look a picture…

Anyway I am mostly looking to Sell right now but I will hear all trade offers too. Just know that CASH IS KING! And I need to pay rent and tuition for school in the Spring. If you want to trade know that I want CLYW.

can I say again, that I mostly want cash? ok glad we cleared that up.

I am willing to trade, BUT!!! I want cash more so if you want to trade, make a trade offer that is in my favor! My trade value is higher than my cash value!!

Some prices are negotiable. Others are not. PM me for more information.

On to the Throws!!

General-yo Entheos, mint with box. $80
100_0413[1] by MWB10, on Flickr

ILYY Fury, near mint, $80
100_0397[1] by MWB10, on Flickr

ILYY Falcon, mint. $80
100_0396[1] by MWB10, on Flickr

One Drop Code 1, Mint with box. $90
100_0393[1] by MWB10, on Flickr

One Drop Projet 2, near mint, $70
100_0394[1] by MWB10, on Flickr

SPYY Spura, mint. $60
100_0423[1] by MWB10, on Flickr

YYF Genesis, $50
100_0419[1] by MWB10, on Flickr

YYF Yuuksta, $40.
100_0418[1] by MWB10, on Flickr

YYF Nova, $40
100_0416[1] by MWB10, on Flickr

YYF Popstar, $15
100_0415[1] by MWB10, on Flickr

YYF 401K, $40
100_0420[1] by MWB10, on Flickr

YYF Boss, $30
100_0417[1] by MWB10, on Flickr

Dif-e-Yo XS Cross Bones, $40
100_0421[1] by MWB10, on Flickr

Henry’s Python, $35, comes with 3 sets of interchangable rims!
100_0424[1] by MWB10, on Flickr

If you want more info on a particular throw send me a PM, Please make all offers respectful and reasonable. if you lowball me hard core, I might get a tiny bit upset. I’m all for working out deals though so don’t be afraid to offer!

I collect the Clareview Station colorway from CLYW. if you have ANY CLYW throws in this colorway, feel free to offer them as they will get you the best trade value out of me. I’m mainly looking for the comeback avalanche and Gnarwhal right now but offer any Clareview Throw! I might bite! Also I love Large Bearing Bassalopes in any color! :wink:


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it is time to bump!

Please help me out here peeps. I’ll make it worth your time! :slight_smile:

How much for the Hatrick?

would u trade for a 2010 stackless yyf california purple mint condition

is there anyway you would sell the popstar for cheaper??

pour one bump for my homies