Cutting the same length string everytime?

me too

Ok ok … I will let you all in on my secret method to have the exact same length string every time … But you have to promise you don’t tell anyone else … (whispering) … I use full length kitty


wow, amazing secret

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You could take some old unused yoyo as a template with your perfect string length on it. Attach one and cut, remove. Belly button method is all I have ever needed. Minor variations are insignificant.


I guess I better get more efficient at the belly button method lol

Cutting the strings the same length is no problem but how do you tie the loop the same size each time? :thinking:

To cut strings the same length I just hammered a knife into the wall, cutting edge facing the ceiling. I string the yoyo and hold it, touching the floor with my feet, then I just go over the top of the knife blade with and string and it’s perfect every time! :grin: (just kidding)


I cut two strings at same size, sereval sizes…

I play with all and let’s suppose I like the “cut 07” most.

So I use that second one to make 10 more, and I save one withouth playing as standard… I like this method.

But now I’m pushing myself to try other sizes. So many doubts…


Now this is the way to do it!

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that works

I actually took a knife and then cut a line to where I like my string length to be . It is called dedication sweaty .

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As seen on 2A Tuesdays, sometimes I just measure them if I want to be the most consistent .


Yep, tape measures work every time. Why didn’t we think of this before? :man_shrugging: :wink:


fancy scienticians with all your newfangled technimidoos


You fell into the trap :joy::joy:

Who would use such crazy measuring implements :joy:


For certain types of yoyos I definitely agree with this most obvious method. 2A string matching should be like this.

But other yoyos, I like to make the string length slightly more appropriate to the yoyo. I prefer longer string with wider diameter yoyos, and scale accordingly. In my experience, this is generally a feel thing. Dial in your string based on tuition and what you are feeling with other yoyos. My ‘favorite’ string length is whatever im digging at the moment, and the subtle adjustments to yoyo size are based on ‘smaller diameter shorter string, larger diameter slightly longer’. If you don’t have a system for tying your string, then you probably don’t have enough experience for it to matter.


I got lucky. My perfect string length is kitty string DEFAULT MEASUREMENT!! :smiley:
I haven’t cut my string in years.


me too