Cut or 888 the epic battle

OK so I want an awsome yoyo and I have heard that both of these are really good. Which one should I get? what have you heard about em? what have you experienced?

I like tapered or rounded butterflys
string tricks
smooth play

which one?

Based on what you have said I say go for the 888. I have owned one in the past and enjoyed it very much, although it just wasnt right for me. As for the Cut, ive never tried it. Needless to say I have much more good things about the 888 rather than the Cut.

888 has my vote

I go for 888. If you want a round yoyo than get the 888.

keep spinning


The 888 is more rounded. HSpin rrocks though, so denying your preference, I would personally go for the CUT. But the 888 seems better for you.

I as well will say 888. However, you didn’t give much information, but with the info you gave the 888 works :wink:

kk thanks if u have any 888 u don’t want I could save up some money and get it I also have a DM and Velocity

Well if you go to the b/s/t forum part there’s this guy trading a 401K and a 888 (2009) for DV888. Idk if he’s still trading but it’s a amazingly dumb trade for him.

why the necro?I think he already got an m1 insted anyways

There is no information about the M1 in this thread. And the last post before was on May 10th. 6 Days isn’t much of a necro.

888 best yoyo i have ever used

Now, that is a necro. Ironic how the last two posts were about necroing.

Anyhow, please check the dates on posts before posting. This topic has not been posted in for over a month and it is also wise to read through a topic before posting, as well. I’m pretty sure the OP is done with this thread.

Exaggeration right?
Its not that great. Id take an FHZ over an 888. 888 seems very unstable. Ive nver played a Cut but id probably buy that instead.

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Due to the information you gave (which is not specific enough). The 888 seems to be the perfect choice for you. ;D

There is really no need to continue posting in this thread.

i have tried both, i own the 888, i would go for the 888 because you say you want smooth play? the
cut’s smoothness goes away after about a month of play. and also, tests show that the 888 spins longer and can take more loops around the bearing. so my vote is 888

Did you hear what she said?

totally wrong!!! you think the 888 is unstable??? wayyyy no! you probably just used a really old and worn out one

888 all the way.

Ive owned 2 888s and played over 5 different ones total.

ew.888s. they play just like any other yoyo to me to be honest…