Cut, DNA, pyro light

i have the pyro light and im not happy with it at all >:(. the response keeps coming out. >:( so what yoyo should i trade it in for the cut or the DNA. and why

please replay.

Personally I would not go with a Cut. It just doesnt seem right for me.

I liked my 888, but i thought it was too heavy for its size but a full size version would probaly rock. So id say go with the DNA. But we dont really know what to suggest for you since we dont know your preferences. ???

i like a round shape, good for thumb grinds and grind. and master trick ;D

I agree that the DNA seems to be right for you. However, I think the reason the response keeps coming out is because you’re the one who took it out in the first place! :slight_smile:

i only took out one the other one cames off by itself. thats why i was aksing if i should just keep it off. (that time in the Chat)

PS Samad; i got the shim out of the bearing.

I have tried the DNA and I love it! Highly recommended- I think I speak for a lot of us: The DNA is a great YoYo. :slight_smile:


What response are you using in it? I’ve never lost the response in my Pyro Light. Maybe I can help?

ghost pads ive only had it for 2 days and it came out.

That’s really odd. Maybe bad adhesive? Ehh, could be anything.

Do you have any other response you could throw in there? Whether or not the ghost pads were doing well I’d still change it out. Personal opinion, of course.

I have Chazzies in mine. Love it.

thanks ;D