I am going to trade my DNA for a Pyro light. I thought i would like it, then i realized that i like my marmot much more, because it was lighter and smaller. The question. Should I? There was another guy who offered a Skyline.

its preference but, i would do it

I feel like a Skyline would be a better choice. So many people end up disliking their Pyro Light.


Like me.

In the interest of you getting around the yo-yo realm by trying many different yo-yos, I highly recommend the Pyro Light. The reason is because it’s just a different throw. Since you have tried a YYJ metal and a YYF metal I think it’s time to try something new. The skyline is a good choice too, but it will feel familiar.

If you like the lightness of the Marmot, then you gotta go with Skyline.