Custom Made YYE Keychains


Hey guys,

I had the idea to try making some leather keychains. I didn’t spend much time on them because I didn’t know if anyone would really want them. I could stain the leather to change the color, change the shape or what is etched on it. So basically if you told me what you wanted I could probably do it. These are just two of the ones that I came up with.

Also, I hope no one at YYE objects to me using the logo. If anyone does have a problem with it, I will immediately stop using it. The reason I choose to use it was to support the community.

Let me know what you all think and if you have any ideas.




What can’t you do?

I like the rounded bell shaped one. Are you going to be selling those?


Well, the first issue is you haven’t gotten permission to use the logo, which is protected by copyright.

Honestly, what I would do is take your examples and “proof of concept” and see if YYE is interested i marketing them and selling them. Who knows, there may be a market for this. Depending on your price per unit, I might want some with MY logo on it, but also in small quantity.

Until then, stop using the logo. You don’t have permission. Get all permission in writing, even if you are making the product or him, because it just lets you use the logo to make the prouct.


They look so awesome. The etching is so nice and neat. Your just a jack of all trades aren’t you? I’d be willing to buy one. I like the ones with a lighter tan. I think the dark logo contrasts nicely with the light tan of the leather.


First off my limited knowledge of the copyright laws in the US makes me think that this is actually perfectly fine. There is a pretty broad category called ‘Fair Use’. I never said anything about selling these, I was using these as examples of what kind of work I could do, and I am using the logo in a manner that is not directly competing with anything they sell. I choose to use this logo because it was a common factor for people on this forum.

That being said if anyone from YYE asked me to stop using it I would gladly remove the pictures. As I said originally, I am never intended to offend anyone or steal their logo. But imitation is the highest form of flattery.



I woukd so buy one if it was an x shape with the etching how the logo is, and where the ring is off an end of the x. Sounds like a nice idea that if a low responable price was given I would make a purchase.


Looking great; especially the bell-shaped one.


i love the bell shape as well! great job.


Nice! I also prefer the bell shaped one, but dig the rectangular one too.


Those look nice! I think you should ask YYE to sell them. I like the rectangular one. They look branded…are they, on both sides? Can you undo those snaps and replace the ring part? Or, are those fasteners fixed? I’d like to see a color version…red might still let the logo show up nice.


Those are amazing. :o

(2Sick Joey) #12

This guy is a jack of all trades! He can do everything haha


I’d be curious how a color might look, but actually, the natural looks great as is. Were you also doing the wood work I’ve seen? If so, are you still doing them, or have you moved on completely?


I think this would be great as a yoyo holster. Kind of like the flashy ones C3 makes but leather… Also, can you make me a nice light tan leather belt? :slight_smile:


those key chains look awesome! i would totally buy one! ;D


Contact YoyoExpert right now. I think they would be interested in selling these on their website… :slight_smile:


Nicely done, very clean looking.

For the record this man has committed no crime. If he sells them then lock him up ;). Otherwise he doesn’t really even need to ask to use the logo unless he intends to sell.


Contact YYE, see if they’d want to sell them. I’m sure they’ll love them.

Nice work!


Thanks guys for all the support. I guess there is enough interest that I will shoot an email to YYE and see what they say. As I mentioned in my first post I did these quickly just to show an example. They sell various colors of stained leather and several stains to do it yourself. I just used this Vegetable-tanned leather because it was some left over scrap from a friend making a hat. I am also working on making him a mold so he can stretch the leather around to form his bowler hat. :slight_smile:

I am not selling these, but plan to toss them in with the yoyos I am returning to people that took a chance on my powder coating skills. If you do want one, I can make you one but I don’t want to use the YYE logo until I hear from them. But I am happy to laser etch something else on them for you. They are kinda branded, the laser get hot and it has a similar look and feel to branding the leather. I can also do some other leather work things. Yoyo holsters, bags, different shapes keychains or whatever else you guys can think of.

I don’t think I posted any woodworking project, but as you guys are noticing I am kind of a jack of all trades. I grew up doing woodworking in my dad’s shop and continue to do it. I am planning on building all the furniture for my new house. :slight_smile: It is gonna take a long time, but will be worth it in the end. My blog will have posts about the furniture as I work on it.

Thanks a lot guys,


I’ve always had an interest in building furniture. I’d love to see some if/when you do it.