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Hello everyone,

Some of you guys know me and I have worked with quite a few of you. I really love this forum and the members. Many of you know me as a Jack-of-all-trades, because I do so many different things. I wanted to put together a single post with the different things I have done for members in the forum and some prices for what I would charge for that. This is by no means a complete list of my skills, so if you have an idea for something else let me know and odds are I can do it.


I got my anodizing set up about 6 months ago and I have been anodizing like crazy to get my process down so that I can compete with those professional guys. Here are some examples of my work.

Colors I currently have: Red, Blue, Teal, Yellow, Green, Purple, Black. Lots of other colors are available.

I do some work with leather and have made several projects. Mostly what I have done for the yoyo community is make keychains. Here are some examples of those.

You can actually find one of my keychains in the YYE shop as well:

Vinyl Decals
I can also make vinyl decals. Basically it is a single color sticker that you can place anywhere. Price depends on quantity and size.

Vinyl Iron On Decals
If you want to make your own custom shirts, I can cut out your design in heat transfer vinyl and you can iron it onto a shirt. Prices depend on size and quantity.

Screen Printing
Want me to make you custom shirts? Well I can screen print onto shirts or just about anything else as well. Shirts look very professional and are a great way to advertise. You must supply the shirts to me. There is a lot of range in quality of shirt and you can get shirts as cheap as $2 each. Because of the amount of work it takes to make a screen, I may have to charge a fee for making the screen.

Laser Cutting
I can laser engrave and cut a wide range of material. I can make custom yoyo stands, or etch your name on a yoyo. There are a lot of options with this one. Prices depend on what you want.

Wood Working
I am a skilled wood worker and can build you just about anything you need. Maybe a custom stand or display for your throws.

Custom patches, or logos embroidered on to fabric. Maybe you want some really fancy shirts with your logo, or just want to add your name to your yoyo case. Let me know.

Various other stuff:
Welding, Metal work, milling, lathe, powder coating, 3d printing, waterjet.

I am going to keep updating this list and trying to add photos as I can. But I wanted to get this out there.


Blimey, you’re one talented individual!

Hadn’t seen you around for a while, good to know you’re still here. ;D

Do you have any examples of your splash work?


I am always around, I just don’t always post much because I am doing all this crazy work for people. I added a photo I took while I was doing the splash. You can still see some of the masking goo on the yoyo. I have only done a few splashes, but so far they look good. I plan on adding more photos as I get more jobs.



Hopefully the mods will clean up any tangential discussion once its done… however, I don’t see offering custom services of a general nature but offered specifically to the yoyo community as competing directly with YYE for anything. YYE actually carries a small selection of keychain fobs by Josh.

If YYE had a silkscreening service or custom anodization, that would be another story.

It could be a better fit in a manufacturing sub-forum, though.

(2Sick Joey) #5

As you all can see I clearly love Josh’s work and vouch for all the work he does! He is 2sick yoyos personal one man wrecking crew haha! If anyone is looking for any work or plans on starting up a company and needs these cool services I highly recommend him!