Get custom stuff, Great X-Mas gifts, Hire me. ;D

Hello all,

Some of you know me from some of my previous posts about making custom things. If you have not seen my work you can check out my previous posts. I love to make things and I want to use my skills to help you make your custom ideas become reality. (for a small fee of course). This is how I fund my yoyo hobby and hopefully one day getting some bigger better equipment of my own. I dream about owning my own cnc lathe.

I have a lot of skills and equipment that I can use to make things for you. Let me know what you would like and I will give you a quote of the price. I keep my prices very reasonable and I have a 100% money back guarantee. If you aren’t happy I will give you your money back. I believe in the quality of my work.

Here is a short list, please feel free to ask about specific equipment and I will let you know if have access to it.

I grew up working in my fathers woodshop building things. I have access to two different fully stocked woodshops. Table saw, chop saw, cnc router, wood lathe, drill press, band saw, joiner, planer and all the hand tools that go with that. I have years of experience making things from wood.

I am an engineer and the past few years I have been doing metal work as part of my job. I have access to two metal working shops as well. I have access two 3 metal lathes, 4 end mills, and a cnc mill. I also can weld (MIG, TIG, Plasma cutter, torch welding). I have taken several welding classes and have welded several personal projects. I don’t claim to be a professional welder, but I like to think I am reasonably skilled.

I also have access to sheet metal tools, grinders, sanders, drill press, and saws. I also have access to a watejet which can cut through just about anything using high pressured water and abrasive. It can cut detailed shapes out of 6" thick hardened steel. The only thing it cant really cut is tempered glass (it shatters, lol).

Powder Coating:
If you take a look at some of my previous posts you can see some of the yoyos I have powder coated. So if you want some work done let me know. I have quite a few colors, but if you want another color you can have it mailed to me.

leather work:
Recently I have been doing some leather work. Keychains mostly. So if you would like something made in leather let me know. I have a few friends who are really skilled at leather work, so if I cant do what you would like, I know someone who can.

I also have access to a laser engraver and cutter. It can cut quite a few materials. Plastics, wood, leather, paper are just a few. It can also engrave on painted or anodized aluminum.


Interested :smiley:

I vouch for the awesomeness and amazing quality of Josh’s work!

You should make your own yoyo using the lathes and tools you can use

he does he also made some yo-yos for some people on the forums custom he’s really good from what I have seen.

Just wanted to say how cool this was. I have a few ideas kicking around that i might contact you about. So great to see someone with real skills these days.

Hello all,

I have been getting a lot of requests for a custom yoyo. Honestly, I wish I could do it for any reasonable price. But the time it takes to make one using the equipment I have is just way too much. I have tools that make it possible to make a custom yoyo (assuming some limitations), but it is not practical. I don’t have access to a cnc lathe that is big enough to do yoyos easily. I am hoping to build my own cnc lathe someday soon. But I need to finish some other projects first and also raise about $2000 so I could buy the parts all at once. I have started too many projects without enough funds to get all the parts. I end up with a half finished machine in my living room for over a year. I am speaking from experience. The small cnc mill in my living room is close to finished but sadly not quite there.

So unfortunately I can’t machine any custom yoyo…YET. But I am trying to finish up a few projects and if I can get a steady supply of jobs from the forum I might be able to start that cnc lathe project. I have all the electronics for the cnc control on my cnc mill right now. I promise that I will post the entire progress on this forum when I start the cnc lathe project.


Oh ok. Thank you for letting me know

man this offer is very intriguing just i dont know what i could ask you to make! (well other than an art easel that my mom wants for christmas)

An art easel? That should be easy!

yeah i know but I’m still think of the sorts of stuff if i do the thing will probably be for a friend.

Okay guys. Enough of that. I already had one thread hijacked (even if I enjoyed reading it). I would rather stay on topic. I did some laser cutting last night and will post some pictures when I get home. But I also did some work on an arcade I am building. I figured I would just post some pictures of stuff I am working on and maybe it will inspire some creativity.

It will look better once painted.

Josh, I would be really interested to see you take a shot at making a kendama.

If you could make decent kendamas and sell them at a reasonable price, I think you would make out really well with selling them.